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Mudita Medical is an exclusive distributor and partner of medical innovations in the Benelux. We consist of a combination of an innovative and refreshing view of the market with a lot of knowledge and experience in the medical sector. Find out more about us below or view our products.

To complete our mission, we offer medical innovations. We do this with a professional and innovative view of the industry and with the idea that we want to offer a suitable solution.


In order to provide consumers with the best possible service, Mudita Medical works together with professionals from different fields. We can do this because we have a large network.



Mudita Medical stands for innovation, solution orientation and collaboration. Mudita Medical's mission is to improve healthcare with medical innovations.

In Buddhism, Mudita stands for "the pleasure that comes from pleasing someone else's well-being." When we see consumer wellbeing improved by our products, our mission has been accomplished.



Discover below which products we offer in the Benelux.


Airsonett® Air4 is a medical device for effective home treatment of allergic asthma and eczema. The patented TLA technology provides 99.5% clean air in the breathing zone. The airways and immune system can rest and recuperate during the night, resulting in the patient waking up rested, ready for a new day.


Airsonett TLA is proven as an effective treatment for allergic asthma in many documented clinical studies.


Airsonett® Air4 uses the patented technology TLA (Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow) to focus a gentle flow of filtered, clean air towards the breathing zone. The filtered, clean air is slightly cooled before it is released from the device, so that it will gently descend by gravity and ‘push’ away the particle and allergen rich air from the breathing zone.


nastent ™ is a tubular medical catheter that prevents snoring and mild sleep apnea. The nastent ™ is inserted by the user into one nostril, the tip of the catheter reaching up to the soft palate (next to the uvula). The inserted catheter prevents the airways from becoming obstructed, thus preventing snoring and light sleep apnea.


For optimal performance, the nastent ™ tip should reach the soft palate near the uvula. To minimize discomfort, ten different sizes of nastent ™ are designed for the left nostril and ten different sizes for the right nostril (120mm to 165mm).


NuvoAir is a digital health start-up located in Stockholm, Sweden, focused on respiratory care. In 2018 she launched the Air Next Spirometer. This is the world's first mobile-connected spirometer that can provide daily insight into the lung function of patients. The Air Next Spirometer is an affordable handheld medical device with an easy to use
mobile application.


The Air Next Spirometer measures the following values: FEV1, FVC, FEV1 / FVC, FEV6, MEF25 / 50/75, FEF2575, PEF and duration.


The Air Next Spirometer has been validated against the GOLD standard in a study of 200 patients. It is CE marked and is a class 2a medical product. In addition, it contains the following ISO certificates: ISO 26783: 2009, ISO 23747: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016.



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